Absol (アブソル) is a Pokémon in the Pokémon World. It joins the player’s team after the player defeated Articuno.


It first appeared when the player sees a Pokémon on his/her way to the Frosty Forest. It jumped off quickly, so the partner wonders if the Pokémon, Absol, is imagined.

After the player defeated Articuno on 5F of Frosty Grotto, Articuno didn’t believe that there are other disasters besides of Frosty Forest turning warmer. Absol appears before Articuno just before it was about to fight the player once again. Absol explains to Articuno that natural disasters really are happening everywhere. This convinced Articuno and Articuno let them cross. Absol joins the team then.

Recruitment Info

Level 20
Type1 Dark
Type2 None
Ability1 Pressure
Ability2 None
Body Size 1 (*)
Moves: -Scratch
-Quick Attack


‘There is nothing false in what they said.
Calamities are indeed occuring in nature everywhere.’
‘Yes. I have the abilities to sense natural disasters.
The calamities taking place now are of a special nature.
I’ve never experienced such before.’

Rather than saying thanks, focus on stopping the calamities before they worsen.
If they are left unchecked, worse will befall us…
My instinct warns me so.
I sensed the terrible power of natural calamities…
I was led here by my feelings of foreboding…
………. I think it would be best if we combined forces…
I will join you.’
To put an end to the calamities, cooperation is vital.

Let me lend you my powers.’