Articuno (フリーザー Freezer) is a Boss Pokémon of the Pokémon World. It was the boss of Frosty Forest, and was faced on 5F of Frosty Grotto.


When the player enters the Frosty Forest in order to escape from the Pokémon who pursued them, Articuno sensed the change of the forest, and decided to stop the player from going farther. It talked as a voice from nowhere about the temperature rise and stopping the distrubing of the intruders after the player reaches 5F of Frosty Forest.

After reaching 5F of Frosty Grotto, Articuno suddenly lands in front of the player and the partner like Moltres. It introduces itself as the Warder of Ice, and blamed the player for upsetting the nature’s balance. The partner begged Articuno for letting them through, but Articuno doesn’t agree and starts to fight the player.

After Articuno was defeated, it still doesn’t forgive the player and prepared to attack the player again. Absol
Articuno defeated

Articuno after being defeated.

appears and explained to Articuno that not only Frosty Forest was affected, but the whole Pokémon World. Articuno believes in Absol and lets the player pass, but made the partner promise that they’ll prevent the natural disasters to continue before it let them pass.

After the player returned to Pokémon Square upon revealing the truth about the curse, Articuno was always on 5F of Frosty Grotto, and could be fought. After the credits rolled, Articuno can be fought and recruited. If it was recruited, it’ll not appear on 5F of Frosty Grotto until it was released.

Recruiting info

Level 53
Type1 Ice
Type2 Flying
Ability1 Pressure
Ability2 None
Body Size 4 (****)
Moves: -Mist
-Powder Snow
-Mind Reader


Someone has intruded upon the forest…
The emfeebled flow of the icy winds…
Is the intrusion to blame?
It must be stopped.
For it is to protect the forest…’

…Turn back.
You may not pass…
You’re forbidden to pass…
…If you persist in trying to pass…
Then, so be it…
But only after you have defeated me!’
‘I am Articuno!
The warder of ice!
Those who enter the forest I shall destroy with all my might!
Let us begin!’


  • It was the only one of the Legendary Bird Trio which doesn’t live in a mountain.
  • Like the other members of the Legendary Bird Trio, there’re effects when it appears. For Articuno, there are bright lights reflected off the snow.
  • Its sentence of introducing itself is: ‘I am Articuno! The Warder of Ice!’
  • It created the Vortex Stone with Zapdos and Moltres.