Defeat is when the player lose all the HP and get kicked out of the dungeon. Before the credits roll, if the partner Pokémon faints, it’ll also be counted as a defeat.

Effects of defeat

When the player is defeated, a few effects will take place:

  • The player returns to the Rescue Team Base, or the entrance of a dungeon when the player is a fugitive.
  • All money will be lost.
  • Items held by team members will be lost.
  • Some items in the team toolbox will be lost.
  • If there are new recruits in the dungeon, they’ll also be lost.

If the player fainted in any mazes of the Makuhita Dojo, none of the effects above will happen.

If it is a team member, not the leader nor a new recruit, who was defeated, it simply warps out of the dungeon, or revived if there are reviver seeds in the toolbox.

If it is a new recruit, not the leader nor a team member, who was defeated, it’ll leave the team forever.

To avoid being defeated

There is a way to avoid being defeated: using a reviver seed. A Wonder Orb that can only be obtained through cheating, Poccess Orb, also makes the leader a team member if it fainted while holding one.

However, they can’t be applied if the player is blown out of a dungeon because of exceeding the Time Limit, the player didn't faint.