Mystery Dungeon World

The dungeon map

Mystery Dungeons are dungeons that the game mostly based on.


They are described as dungeons with no clear exits, and all the Pokemon in the dungeons will attack any outer Pokemon. The dungeons change every time, but the number of floors doesn't change. Pokemon can easily get lost or defeated in them. When a Pokemon gets lost or defeated, a request will be posted on the bulletin board.


The player must go out of the dungeons by using stairs, which changes place every time a Pokemon enters. Players can recruit Pokemon if the Pokemon wants to join. Items can be found in dungeons. If the player doesn't go up or down using the stairs in a set period of turns, the player will be blown out of the dungeon, counted as fainting.

List of Dungeons

Can enter from the Main Events onwards

Can be entered once only

Can be entered Post-game onwards