Evolving is a game mechanic of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. In the time before the meteor is destroyed, evolution is disallowed.

How to evolve

After clearing the game, the player is informed that something weird is going on with Snubbull. When s/he reaches the Whiscash Pond, s/he saw Alakazam with a 'new' Pokemon. The 'new' Pokemon is Snubbull, but found himself changed after going into a opening of the stepping rocks on the pond. Alakazam introduces him to the player, saying he had evolved and he'll be powered up. After this happened, the cave under the rocks, Luminous Cave, is opened. By entering the cave, the Pokemon can evolve.

Luminous Cave

The opening of the Luminous Cave.


  1. Evolution only happens when the Pokemon enters the Luminous Cave. Outside the cave, no Pokemon evolves.
  2. Because the cave is too small, only one Pokemon can enter. The Pokemon that the player wants to evolve must be the leader.
  3. The Pokemon that doesn't evolve by leveling up has new methods of evolution:
  • Pokemon that evolve by trading must give the item Link Cable to the cave in order to evolve.
  • Feebas needs to give the item Beauty Scarf to Evolve.
  • Pokemon that needs Friendship to evolve now must have enough IQ.
  • For Pokemon that evolve in the daytime, it must give the Sun Ribbon.
  • For Pokemon that evolve in the night, it must give the Lunar Ribbon.


Although the Pokemon had evolved, there won't be any immediate effect aside from appearence changes. Stat changes will occur when the Pokemon rises in level. If the Pokemon is already Level 100 when evolving, it must eat Doom Seeds to drop in level, then Leveled Up again.

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