Kecleon Shop (カクレオンのおみせ Kakureon Shop) is a shop ran by the Kecleon brothers. The purple one runs the Kecleon Wares, while the green one runs the Kecleon Shop.

Kelceon Shop

The Kecleon Shop

Kecleon Shop

It is ran by the green Kecleon, the younger of the brothers. In the Pokémon Square, it is the first shop from the exit. Items other from Wonder Orbs, HMs, and TMs can be bought in the store. Items can also be sold.

Shops can also be found in some dungeons randomly. Wonder Orbs and TMs can be bought in the shops. By walking onto the item, the player sees the name of the item and the price of it. Using, picking up or eating the item will count as buying the item, and the player must pay when he/she steps out of the shop. If he/she didn’t, it’ll count as theft. If the player puts down an item on one of the tiles, it’ll count as selling the item. If the player puts down an item that was not payed, it’ll not be counted as buying the item.

Kecleon Wares

It’s where TMs and Wonder Orbs were sold. It is ran by the purple Kecleon, the older one of the Kecleon Brothers. Item can also be sold.

Unlike Kecleon Shop, it doesn’t appear in dungeons. Instead, TMs and Wonder Orbs can be found in those shops.

Latios stole TMs from Kecleon Wares because he believed the TMs can make him stronger and help him save Latias. He returns the TMs to Kecleon afterwards.


In dungeons, when a player steals an item from Kecleon shops, it’ll count as theft. There are multiple effects of theft:

  • Background music changes immediately.
  • Escape Orbs becomes useless.
  • If there is a rescue mission to do on the floor, the attempt will fail.
  • The items that were not sold becomes normal items, and can be picked up by Pokemon without paying.
  • Placing items on the shop will not be counted as selling the item.
  • Placing items back onto the shop won't count as forgiveness.
  • The Kecleon will turn hostile at the player's team and starts to attack them. More Kecleon will appear and help the original one.They have high stats, at level 90,  and is always at double speed. Defeating them is the only way to recruit a Kecleon.

The effects will end when the player reaches the next floor.