Latios (ラティオス Latios) is a Pokémon in the Pokémon World. He is Latias's brother.


The event is triggered when the player buys the Friend Area Southern Island.

When Latios was travelling with Latias(Character), she was hit by a chunk of rock, which was in fact a piece of the meteor, and got injured. Because her wings were broken and cannot fly, she fell into Pitfall Valley. Latios could do nothing about it and decided to steal TMs from Kecleon Wares.

The early morning when he steals the TMs, the player sees a blur zooming past the base. Later, it was revealed that the Pokémon had stolen Kecleon's TMs. The player’s team investigates.

After reaching 25F of Pitfall Valley, the player sees Latios, the thief, looking at the sun. The player fights him and wins. After winning, he collapses and is sent back to the Pokémon Square. Everyone is cross about Latios stealing the TMs, but Latios explained why he stole them. He said he was not strong enough to save Latias, but if he took the TMs, he might have enough power. The player decides to save Latias for Latios.

Upon reaching the end of Pitfall Valley, Latias is saved by the player’s teleport gem. They return to the Pokémon Square, and Latias and Latios are reunited. To show their thanks, they ask to join the player’s team. This is the only way to recruit a Latios.

Recruitment Info

Level: 30

Type: Dragon/Psychic

Body Size: 2 (**)







  • He is one of the few Pokémon to have a confirmed gender.
  • If he is to be released, he cannot be recruited again, as the event to obtain him cannot be triggered again.
  • He is one of three legendary Pokemon that ask to join automatically, the other two being Latias and Celebi.
    • He is also the only one to be fought in the game.