Lugia (ルギア Lugia) is a Legendary Pokemon that appeared in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue team. It is the Boss Pokemon of Silver Trench, a dungeon unlocked after the Legendary Bird Trio are recruited.


After the player recruits Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos, when he/she talks to Alakazam, it'll say that there is something going on with the Legendary Island, and tells the player to check the island since it is his/her Friend Area. Upon reaching the Legendary Island, the trio flies up and gathers next to the player. They creates the Vortex Stone and says the player should calm the sea.

When the player reaches B99F of Silver Trench, Lugia appears and, like Rayquaza, asks the player why have them come to Silver Trench. It says if the player dares to challenge it to a battle, it'll accept the challenge, but only if the
Lugia introducing itself

Lugia introducing itself.

player fight it with every bit of its power. Unlike most Legendary Pokemon, it can be recruited on the first try, and is certain to ask to join the team if there is still space for it.



Why have you come here...?

This is...The Silver Trench.

This is my territory!'

'My name is Lugia!

I am the guardian of the seas!

To protect this sea,

I have settled here...

If you dare to challenge me...

So be it!

I'll rise to your challenge!'

'Cast aside all thoughts!

Unleash every bit of your power!'

'With your life at stake...

Bring it on!'