Moltres (ファイヤー Fire) is a Boss Pokémon in the Pokémon World. It was the boss of Mt. Blaze, and can be faced on 3F of Mt. Blaze Peak. 


Moltres was on 3F of Mt. Blaze Peak. When reaching the floor, the partner will notice the heat and decides to walk past quickly, but Moltres commanded them to stop. With a ‘Gyahhhh’, pillars of fires shot out from the magma, and Moltres landed in front of the partner and the player suddenly. It introduces itself as the Warrior of Fire, and fights the player and the partner.

After it was defeated, the partner will explain that the natural disasters are appearing everywhere, and why they’re here. Moltres agrees to let the player and the partner past as long as they find out the reason to the disasters and try to stop them.

After the player returns to the Pokémon Square after revealing the truth, it’ll be on 3F of Mt. Blaze and could be
Moltres defeated

Moltres after being defeated by player.

fought again. After the credits roll, it can be fought and recruited. Until it was released, it won’t appear on the peak of Mt. Blaze.

Recruiting Info

Level: 52

Type: Fire/Flying

Body Size: 4 (****)


-Wing Attack





  • It has the power of rising pillars of fire out of magma.
  • Like the other members of the Legendary Bird Trio, there’re effects when it appear. For Moltres, pillars of fire shot out of magma and the temperature turns hot.
  • It introduces itself using: ‘I am Moltres! The Warrior of Fire am I!’
  • It created the Vortex Stone with Zapdos and Articuno.