Mt. Blaze (ほのおの やま Mt. Blaze) is a main-story dungeon accessible to both Red and Blue Rescue Teams. It is the ninth dungeon to be introduced in the main story, and is immediately unlocked after existing Lapis Cave. This is the first dungeon to have Kecleon shops an buried items, and the first to also introduce lava. It is the second dungeon accessible during the fugitive chain.

Weather conditions and monster houses do not occur on any given floor. The dungeon has 12 floors with 3 summit floors, making it have 15 floors in total. Moltres rests upon the final 3rd Summit floor.


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Once the player and partner exist Lapis Cave, they continue running up until they come across Mt. Blaze.The partner is amazed by the volcano ahead, calling it the "Mountain of Fire", but both the player and partner's wonder of the site is cut short by the townsfolk who are still continuing to chase after them. The player and partner then come across the entrance of Mt. Blaze, where the player is given a choice whether to choose the Rock Path or Mt. Blaze. Choosing the Rock Path will end up having the two return to whence they came, so in order to progress they must enter Mt. Blaze itself.

Once crossing the floors of Mt.Blaze and defeating mostly fire type opponents, the player and partner reach the summit peak, where Moltres confronts them. Moltres reveals that it is angry that there are so many natural disasters, and believes the player and partner are the causes for it. A boss battle ensues, in which Moltres is defeated. The partner then promises Moltres that they will calm the natural disasters as well as assuring it that they are not the culprits of it all, to which Moltres accepts and allows them to pass. The player and partner then stop a while after exiting Mt.Blaze, in order to sit, think and exchange dialogue, before continuing their journey to the north-eastern sides of the land after remembering that they are still being hunted down.

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Mt. Blaze

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At the entrance of Mt. Blaze, where the player is given two choices of which dungeon to go through

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The player and partner after exiting the Rock Path

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Defeating Moltres