Octillery is a Pokémon in the Pokémon World. She is the leader of Team Constrictor. She is known for her persistent and clingy attacks.


When Shiftry asks if there are anyone who wanted to go to Magma Caven to challenge Groudon, Octillery is the second one to volunteer. She says that when she sees a strong opponent, she wants to ‘tangle with them’, refering to her fighting style. She goes to Magma Cavern with Blastoise and Golem to quell Groudon.
Blastoise collapsed

Octillery collapsed.

However, several days later, Octillery, Blastoise and Golem were found collapsed in Pokémon Square. Octillery says that they were already beaten before they can even see Groudon. The partner’s talk inspired her, and she agrees in the partner, saying that they have no need to self-pity. She stays in the Pokémon Square and talks about how Magma Cavern is filled with Fire-type Pokémon with Bellsprout.

She waited with the others in the Pokémon Square for the player to return after saving Team A.C.T. After Xatu uses his telepathy to tell all Pokémon about the falling star and Rayquaza, she says she cannot imagine a world far above the clouds, but wishes the player best of luck.

After the player succeeds in destroying the star, she is present on the Hill of the Ancients, and is the one who jokes with Lombre by preventing him to run away.

After the credits roll, she can be found in Pelipper Post Office, in front of the job bullet-in board.


  • Her fighting style, as mentioned by other Pokémon, is to first hold opponents tight with her tentacles, then headbutts them. She is also mentioned as having great endurance.
  • Octillery is refered to as a ‘she’. This makes her one of the few Pokémon with confirmed gender.