Partner Pokemon is the Pokemon that the player accompanies with. The partner will always be with the player and couldn't be taken off the team until the credits roll. The choice of partner Pokemon is affected by the player's starting Pokemon.

Available Pokemon

There are two rules for the choice of the Partner Pokemon:

  1. The Partner Pokemon couldn't be the same species of Pokemon with the player. For example, a Pikachu as the starting Pokemon couldn't have another Pikachu as his/her partner.
  2. It couldn't be the same type with the player. For example, if the player is a Charmander, the choices Charmander, Torchic and Cyndaquil are removed from the list. 

All Starter Pokemon sastified in the two rules above could be chosen as the partner Pokemon. However, some starters are not able to be the Partner Pokemon by any means. They are:

  • Eevee
  • Cubone
  • Meowth
  • Skitty
  • Machop


They are always by the player's side, acting as a loyal friend. When the player meets problems, or the other way round, they both try to cheer each other up. When the player saved the world from the falling meteor and disappears, the partner is shown to be crestfallen and heartbroken. After the player returns, they're very happy to see each other again. The partner then suggests the player give the choice to switch leaders. Since then, the partner can be taken off the team, but not able to 'Say Goodbye' at.