799px-Pokémon Square Map

Map of the Pokémon Square, showing the shops available in the centre of the Square.

Pokémon Square is a location in the Pokémon World. It is to the east of the Rescue Team Base. Some Pokémon live in the Pokémon Square, and can be found in the centre of the Square, or owning the shops in the Square.


There are 5 shops in the Pokémon Square. They're in the central area of the Pokémon Square. They are:

Whiscash Pond

It is to the north of Pokémon Square. Whiscash, Pokémon Square's wisest Pokémon, lives in the pond, and often gives advice to the player.

Makuhita Dojo

It is to the south of Pokémon Square. Makuhita opened the dojo to help Pokémon train and grow stronger.

Pelipper Post Office

It is to the east of Pokémon Square. It is a post office run by multiple Pelipper. This is where the players team can find job offers, amongst other things.