Pokemon World is the place where Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue Rescue Team sets in.

Comparisons with Pokémon World of Main Series

Similar to the Pokémon World in the main series of the games, the Pokémon World in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue Rescue Team universe have mountains and houses, as well as shops.

However, there are no humans in where the game sets. It was implied that humans do exist, but not in the area where Pokémon live. The only humans that appeared in the world was the player and Gengar. Therefore, shops were run by Pokémon.

Also, there were no dungeons in the Pokémon World of the main series.

Main Areas of the Pokémon World

There are four main areas:

  • Friend Areas
  • Dungeons
  • Pokémon Square
  • Rescue Team Base

Friend Areas

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Friend Areas consists of different zones. They are mainly mountains, fields, swamps, forests, caves, or under the ocean. They are near the Rescue Team Base, and can be accessed by heading towards the left exit of the base. They are bought from Wigglytuff of the Wigglytuff Club.


~For more, check out Dungeons~

Dungeons are places where rescues and explorations takes place. The layouts of dungeons changes every time the player enters them. From the map seen when heading to a dungeon, they seems to have taken almost all of the Pokémon World, only leaving a few spaces for the team base, friend areas and the Pokémon Square. They are various in settings, as they can be mountains, caves, towers and more.

Pokémon Square

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Pokémon Square is a place where Pokémon gathers. There is a shop, a storage, a club, a link shop and the Pelipper Post Office. To the north of the Pokémon Square was Whiscash Pond, while Makuhita Dojo was south of the Pokémon Square.

Rescue Team Base

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It’s where the team is based. Team leaders sleep in the base overnight. Only the team base of the player was seen in the game, but there was bases of other teams. There is a mailbox which contains mail delivered by Pelipper of Pelipper Post Office.