Rayquaza (レックウザ Rayquaza) is a Legendary Pokemon that appeared in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue team. It is the Boss Pokemon of Sky Tower, and could be found on 9F of Sky Tower Summit.


It is first mentioned by Xatu when he is talking about the falling star. It is descripted as the only Pokemon who have the power to destroy the falling star, but is known by few and seen by known, and lives high in the sky, making it a very difficult mission to ask it to destroy the star. The player's partner, however, volunteers to do the mission.

When the player reaches the summit of Sky Tower, they hear a voice asking who they are and who dares to trespass its domain. The partner wonders if the voice is Rayquaza, and the voice replies that it is, and says that the sky is its domain. The partner tried to ask Rayquaza for help, but Rayquaza replies that it won't and landed in front of the player. It said that the player and the partner is only normal Pokemon of the ground, but it is the being of the sky, and they are destined to stay on the ground. Then it battles the player.
Rayquaza defeated

Rayquaza after being defeated.

When the player finally defeats Rayquaza, it stands up quickly and is about to fight the player again, until the floor of the dungeon starts to shake vigorously. Rayquaza realises that it is caused by shock waves, and the partner told it to look up. When Rayquaza saw the approaching meteor, the partner explains why they have to ask for Rayquaza's help. Rayquaza understands but told the player that the star is already too close, and if it release its Hyper Beam now, they won't be able to leave safely. The partner told it to do it anyway, and Rayquaza tells them to take charge of their destiny before releasing its Hyper Beam, which destroys the falling star.

After the credits roll, it can be found on 9F of Sky Peak Summit, and can be recruited.


‘Who goes there?!
Who dares to trespass upon my airspace?!’
‘Indeed I am.
The sky is my domain.
Depart at once!’
I’m a being of the sky and you’re but denizens of the ground.
To each, there is a world destined as their own!’


  • Although it destroyed the falling star with Hyper Beam, it doesn't have the attack. Instead, it has only Dragon Dance and Dragon Claw.
  • It is very arrogant, as seen when it refers to itself using 'The being of the sky' while addressing other Pokemon by 'the denizens of the ground'.