Recruitment Rate is the rate of the chance of a Pokemon to be recruited. The higher the rate, the more likely the Pokemon will ask to join the team.

Base Recruiting Rate

The base recruiting rate is the chance of recruiting a Pokemon before adding bonuses from the Level of the team leader and items.

Base Recruiting Rates could be negative numbers, i.e., lower than zero. In that case, when bonuses raises the rate to positive numbers, the Pokemon can be recruited. 

Bonus Recruiting Rate

Bonus recruiting rates increases the recruitment rate. 


Red and Blue Rescue Team have only one item that increases the recruitment rate - the Friend bow. When the team leader is holding a Friend bow, the recruitment rate increases by 10%.


Levels also affect the recruit rate. The higher the leader's level, the higher the bonus.

Level of Leader Bonus
1 - 29 None
30 - 39 5%
40 - 49 7.5%
50 - 59 10%
60 - 69 12.5%
70 - 79 15%
80 - 89 17.5%
90 - 100 24%

Some Pokemon, mostly evolved Pokemon, have negative base rates. In these cases, only bonuses can let the player recruit the Pokemon. For example, Kecleon has -33.9% base recruit rate, and will always have a negative total recruitment rate unless all possible bonuses are used.

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