Save point

Relay points are places with a statue where the player's game can be saved. It connects different parts of a dungeon. Other rooms where you can't save but still connect parts of the dungeon can be seen in Wish Cave, Magma Cavern and Buried Relic.


Every relay point has a Kangaskhan Rock. Each relay point acts like a rest stop. Upon reaching the relay point, the HP and PP of every Pokemon are restored. The menu are the same with the menu outside of dungeons, so Jobs can be taken off and accepted if they're already on the list. Pokemon that joined the team in the first part of the dungeon becomes official members and can stand by. By going back to the lower exit of the relay point, the player returns to the Team Base (or the entrance of the dungeon when fugitives). By going to the upper exit of it, the player proceeds to the second part of the dungeons.

Similar to relay points are warp rooms. They only appear in three dungeons, mentioned above, and are empty rooms devoid of randomly spawning Pokémon that serve as cutscene rooms or, in the case of Buried Relic, to continue the dungekn after defeating a boss. They always have a warp tile to progress to the next floor.

Dungeons with Relay Points

  • Mt. Thunder (connecting Mt. Thunder and Mt. Thunder Peak)
  • Mt. Blaze (connecting Mt. Blaze and Mt. Blaze Peak)
  • Frosty Forest (connecting Frosty Forest and Frosty Grotto)
  • Mt. Freeze (connecting Mt. Freeze and Mt. Freeze Peak)
  • Magma Cavern (connecting Magma Cavern and Magma Cavern Pit)
  • Sky Tower (connecting Sky Tower and Sky Tower Summit)

Note: If the player has Rescue Missions in the first part of the dungeon, she/he can't proceed to the relay point and the rest of the dungeon.