Rock Path is one of two optional dungeons that can only be entered while the player is a fugitive. The player must choose between Mt. Blaze and Rock Path. Reaching the end of the dungeon returns the player back to its entrance, where the player may choose to re-enter the dungeon or Mt. Blaze.

Geographical Description

It is a cave that loops back to the entrance of Mt. Blaze. There is no water of any kind in the dungeon.

Items that could be found

All floors

Gravelerock Heal Seed Oran Berry Hunger Seed Pecha Berry
Blast Seed Max Elixir Big Apple Evasion Orb Rebound Orb
Blowback Orb Warp Orb Petrify Orb Pounce Orb Trawl Orb
Escape Orb Radar Orb Trapbust Orb Rollcall Orb Hurl Orb
Cheri Berry Switcher Orb Clease Orb

Pokémon that could be found


Pokemon Name Level Exp.Gained if defeated % of appearing
Pidgeot 16 125 28.58%
Nidorina 15 84 14.29%
Nidorino 15 96 14.28%
Zubat 17 91 28.57%
Numel 14 115 14.28%

2F to 4F

Same as 1F.


  • It uses the soundtrack of mazes of Makuhita Dojo.
  • The Pokémon that could be found here can be found in Lapis Cave or Mt. Blaze.