Sinister Woods (あやしい もり Dubious Forest) is a main-game dungeon accessible in both Red and Blue Rescue Teams. It is the 4th dungeon in the main story. In order to access this dungeon, you must complete the events leading up to and during Mt.Steel, as well as at least 5 random quests. The dungeon contains 13 floors, with Team Meanies residing on the 13th Floor during the first playthrough of the dungeon.

Weather conditions do not occur, and monster houses, shops or buried items do not appear on any floor.

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The player and partner at the entrance of Sinister Woods


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Battle with Team Meanies

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After clearing Mt. Steel and at least 5 rescue missions, Caterpie will come up to the player and request help for his friend Metapod, who had become lost in Sinister Woods. Team Meanies then overhears this and offer to rescue Metapod themselves, asking to be paid handsomely as a result. Due to Caterpie's hesitation, Team Meanies then challenges the main player and their partner to a race to see who gets to Metapod first.

The player then traverses the floors of Sinister Woods until they happen upon the final 13th floor, where Metapod is supposedly in. Just before you get to Metapod, Team Meanies shove ahead and a battle ensues. After defeating Team Meanies, Metapod then asks if the player had come to rescue them, and upon realising that they were asks to be escorted back to the front of the Team Base. Caterpie then thanks the player and their partner, but constantly reminisces over not having any money, to which the partner reassures him that they do not need money as a reward for the mission.