Stand By is the command given when the player wants the target Pokémon to stay at its Friend Area and not joining the team line-up, unlike 'Farewell', which commands the target Pokemon to leave the team forever. To give this command, the target pokemon must first be in the team. Doesn't apply for Team Leader.


There are 3 methods. The team members also automatically goes standby after a day passes.

Method 1

1. Go to the Friend Area you where the target Pokemon stays.
Standby 1

2. Face the target Pokemon.
3. Press A. A menu should appear.
4. Select 'Stand by'.
Standby 2
Standby 3

5. The target Pokemon is no longer on the team.
Standby 4

Method 2

Works in Relay Points and places other than dungeons or friend areas. I used Latias as the leader and Vulpix as the target Pokemon in the example.

1. Press X or B. A menu should appear. Select 'Team'.
Standby v2 1

2.  The Team Member list should pop up.
Standby v2 2

3. Select the Pokemon you doesn't want on the team. A menu should appear.
Standby v2 3

4. Select 'Stand By'.
Standby v2 4

5. A message box saying the selected Pokemon left the team and remains in the friend area should appear.
Standby v2 5

6. The selected Pokemon is no longer on the team.
Standby v2 6

Method 3

Only works in dungeons. Beware that the item of the target Pokemon will be lost. In the example, I used Latias as the leader and Pidgeot as the target Pokemon.

1. Press X or B in the dungeon.
Standby v3 1

2. Select 'Team'. 
Standby v3 2

3. Select the target Pokemon. Select 'Farewell'. (Note: This is not the same with Say Farewell.)
Standby v3 3

4. A message box will appear. Select 'Yes' if you want the team member to go back, and 'No' if you don't.
Standby v3 4

5. If you select 'Yes', the Pokemon will disappear.
Standby v3 5

6. The Pokemon's name disappears from the member list.
Standby v3 6