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Wish Cave
Luminous Cave
Jirachi at Wish Cave

Starter Pokemon is the Pokemon that the player turns into. The available Pokemon depend on the player's gender. Also, the starter Pokemon affects the group of partner Pokemon you can choose from. The name is entered when the player first woke up near the tiny woods. The max number of characters in the player's name has a 10-letter limit, and, like any other Pokemon, it can't be renamed.


Before the game starts, a personality quiz will be held. Each question gives some points to a certain nature. In the end of the quiz, the marks will be added up. The Nature with the most points will decide which Pokemon the player is.

Available Pokemon

Pokemon      Male Nature      Female Nature
Bulbasaur       Docile              Calm
Charmander    Hardy              Brave
Squirtle           Jolly               Relaxed
Pikachu           Impish            Hardy
Meowth            Quirky            N/A
Psyduck           Relaxed         Lonely
Machop            Brave              N/A
Cubone            Lonely            Impish
Eevee               N/A                 Naive
Chikorita          N/A                  Docile
Cyndaquil       Timid                  N/A
Totodile          Naive                  Jolly
Treecko          Sassy               Quirky
Torchic           Hasty                Sassy
Mudkip           Calm                  Timid
Skitty              N/A                   Hasty

Some Pokemon can only be selected if you choose a specific gender, such as Meowth can only be selected if the gender selected is male, and Eevee can only be selected if the gender selected is female. In the list above, it is represented by "N/A". Hi