Team leader is the Pokémon the player play as. He/She sleeps in the Rescue Team Base.

Changing the Leader

Before the credit rolls, the player cannot change the leader. The leader is always the Starter Pokemon.

However, after the credit has rolled, the player can change the team leader. The player controls the team leader, while the original team leader returns to its Friend Area. The original team leader is still on the team member list, so the player has to make it Stand By if he/she doesn’t want it on the team.


1. Go to the Friend Area with the Pokémon that the player wants the leader be.

Change leader1

2. Face the target Pokemon and press A.

3. A menu should appear. Select ‘Join Team’.

Leader 3

4. Open the menu again. Select ‘Make Leader’.

Leader 4

5. There should be a message box saying ‘<Pokémon name> became the leader of the rescue team’. Press A.


6. The player controls the selected Pokémon instead of the previous leader.