The Time Limit is the number of turns the player can take in each floor of a dungeon. The time limit differs between dungeons.

How do we know when the time limit is up?

Sth approaching

There are three warnings before the player is blown out from the dungeon.

  • First warning: "...Something is stirring." This message appears when there are 250 turns left.
  • Second warning: "...Something’s approaching." This message appears when there are 150 turns left.
  • Third warning: "It’s getting closer!" This message appears when there are only 50 turns left.
If the player can’t get out of the floor after the time is up, another message will appear: "It’s right near! It’s gusting hard!" If another turn passes, the player will simply disappear. This can’t be avoided, even with Reviver Seeds.
Sth getting closer

Effects of being blown out

For more, see Defeat.

If the player is blown out of a dungeon, it is treated as a normal defeat. However, unlike normal defeats, the player can’t be revived.

How to avoid being blown out

Since Reviver Seeds can’t revive the player in this situation, you will have to enter the next floor if you want to stay in the dungeon. Otherwise, you can warp out of the dungeon, as well.