Uproar Forest  (さわぎの もり Uproar Forest) is a main-story side dungeon that is accessible in both Red and Blue Rescue Teams. It is the only dungeon in the main story that is a side quest dungeon, and is accessible after completing the last of the fugitive period chain (Mt. Freeze) and 3 subsequent rescue missions. After completing this dungeon and its events, the main story line will resume. The Chestnut item can only be found in this dungeon, and only during the ninth floor.

There are 10 floors in total. Weather conditions do occur on random floor levels, and Monster Houses can be set to appear. Traps, Kecleon Shops and buried items do not appear on any given floor, however. All floors are shrouded in darkness.
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One of the floors in Uproar Forest

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Defeating the Mankey


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After the journey to Mt. Freeze and completing at least three rescue missions, the player will find a mission on the board stating "Punish Bad Mankey." Once the player accepts this, Wynaut and Wobbuffet will show up and thank the player for accepting their request, stating that there are Mankey in Uproar Forest going on a rampage and getting out of control. This unlocks Uproar Forest, and the player and partner then venture out into the Forest in order to calm them down.

Once reaching the final floor, the player and partner then encounter some angry Mankey who immediately engage in a battle. Once defeated, a cutscene will occur where Wynaut and Wobbuffet are thanking the player for calming the Mankey down, and as such offer to redesign the player's Team Base, to which the rescue team happily obliges. Caterpie offers to help out too. However, the Mankey are not willing to help until they spot the Chestnut that the player is holding. A deal is then struck in that if the Mankey are given a peeled Chestnut, then they will do their part in redesigning the Team Base.

After a while of collecting Chestnuts for the Mankey, the Team Base is completed. Everyone marvels at the result, and the Mankey are happy too until they realise this means that there will be no more Chestnuts. They then attack the Team Base and the gang goes after them in order to calm the Mankey down. This particular side line plot then ends, and the main story line continues.


  • This is the first dungeon to feature Monster Houses
  • The Chestnut item can only be found in this dungeon
  • This is also the only dungeon to feature a particular Poke'mon that cannot be recruited until a successful first attempt has been made, being the Poke'mon Mankey.