Wigglytuff is the Pokémon that runs the Wigglytuff Club. It sells Friend Areas to the player.


It is a very friendly Pokémon. To allow the player to recruit Pokémon onto their rescue team, it sells Friend Areas at the Wigglytuff Club, found in Pokémon Square, beside the Felicity BankIt is also a very generous Pokémon, as seen when it gives away three Friend Areas to the player for free at the beginning of the game.


It runs the Wigglytuff Club. The Club is closed for the first few days, and appears only after Diglett is rescued from Mt. Steel. It gives away three Friend Areas on the player’s first visit.

It is also present when Gengar announces that the player is the trainer in the Legend of Ninetales. After the player returns after running away, it says that it shouldn’t blame things on its friends.


  • It seems to sleep in the Wigglytuff Club, and it can still sell friend areas while sleeping.