Wonder Mail Codes are passwords that gives a Rescue Job when entered. Some codes can unlock Version-Exclusive Pokemon of the other version.

Input Method

In order to input Wonder Mails, the player must choose ‘Wonder Mail’ in the main option screen (Picture 1). Then a dialogue box appears and says ‘Please enter the Wonder Mail password.’(Picture 2) After that, a keyboard appears (Picture 3) and the player types in the password (Picture 4). After that, press ‘END’ (Picture 5). If the password is wrong, a dialogue box will pop up and asks you if you want to input the password again (Picture 6). If the player selects yes, he/she returns to the screen of Step 4 and can correct the password (Picture 7).However if the player selects Cancel, he/she simply returns to the main option screen (Picture 8). If the inputed password is correct and accepted, a dialogue box will pop up, saying ‘Received the Wonder Mail!’ (Picture 9). Then the dialogue box will display ‘Your adventure will be saved.’ (Picture 10) Then the process will be saved (Picture 11). If there are less than 8 Rescue Jobs on the Job List, the Job that the Wonder Mail gives will be added to the list (Picture 12). However, if the Job list is already full, it’ll request you to delete an unwanted Job from the job list before the game is saved (Picture 13 and 14). After deleting one Job, it’ll repeat the progress of Pictures 9 to 13. When the player resumes the game, he/she will find the Job that the password gives on the Job List (Picture 15).

  • Picture 1: Select 'Wonder Mail'
  • Picture 2
  • Picture 3
  • Picture 4: Finish entering the password
  • Picture 5:Select END
  • Picture 6
  • Picture 7: Check and correct the password
  • Picture 8
  • Picture 9: Received Wonder Mail
  • Picture 10: Before Saving
  • Picture 11: Saving
  • Picture 12: Job added to Job List
  • Picture 13:If Job List is full
  • Picture 14
  • Picture 15: Job added. (In this case, the Job for unlocking Lapras)

Be aware that each password can only be entered once.

Format of Wonder Mails

Same as normal rescue jobs on the bullet-in board:

Client: What Pokemon asked you to do the mission.</p>

Objective: What you need to do to complete the mission

Place: Where and which floor you have to go

Difficulty: How hard the mission is.

Reward: What you get for completing the mission.

Wonder Mail:

(Wonder Mail Password)

Wonder Mail Codes Examples

Wonder Mail Codes that Unlock Version-Exclusive Pokémon

For Blue Rescue Team

See ''Wonder Mail Passwords for Red-Rescue-Team-exclusive Pokémon

For Red Rescue Team

See ''Wonder Mail Passwords for Blue-Rescue-Team-exclusive Pokémon''